can I integrate eM with my SAGE software to send invoices?

My SAGE accounts wont let me send invoices from the programme. 
I have made eM client the default

Hi Paul, is there any error displayed when you try to do so? Are you able to send emails with eM Client using other applications than this software?
What version of eM client are you currently using?

Thank you,

Hi Paul.

I don’t use other applications.

Normal email use fine by POP, but SAGE uses MAPI to deliver an invoice in my inbox / drafts ready for me to send to customer.

Version 6.0.21015.0


Hi Paul,

Sending of email from sage will depend on the settings you have within each Template/Layout.

First of all open a layout in Report Designer, then go to Tools>Options>Email Setup

Set MAPI as the default Provider, Highlight SMTP and configure that with your email settings.

Then, on each layout you want to use for email you can change the sending behaviour, again in report designer go to Report>Email Settings.

Now, if you want the email to send automatically when you hit email in Sage, Set the Sending Options to 'Send Immediately and the drop down menu to SMTP.

If you want a preview of the email to open up in EM Client before it sends(so you can make any edits) set the drop down menu to MAPI.

It is best to save two copies of each layout, one for auto sending of emails and one for manual sending.

If you are running sage on a network with multiple users then it is best to have multiple layouts per user but not essential.

I have very recently set this up using Sage Line 50 2014 and the latest Version 6 of EM Client.

Hope that helps.


Hi again Paul, please try to update your client, using this installer: .
Can you please check if you’re able to send messages through other applications, even from the system possibly, right click any of your files on your computer and select Send to > Mail recipient.

Let me know, if you were able to send the message using these steps.

Thank you,