Can I import emails directly from Windows Live Mail with version 9?

As a new user on the forum there are some restrictions. They will change the more you use it.

You can install WLM on Windows, but you won’t get the installation file from Microsoft, I don’t think. Just search around on the Internet, and you will find it.

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Thank you for your guidance.
I’ll give it a go.
Suppose, in the end, it doesn’t work. Can I use the following method?

  1. I don’t care if I can import the mailbox architecture of WLM.
  2. My historical emails are stored in several folders at different levels of WLM.
  3. In the folder where WLM stores emails, each email is in .eml format.
  4. So, if WLM is not installed, can I use the eMClient to import “files” (not applications) - Emails (.eml)?
    My main concern is how to import the designed history folder (with emails).


eml files can be imported into eM Client. You can either drag them from the folder in Windows Explorer and drop them into a folder in eM Client, or you can use Menu > File > Import > Email (eml).

At least I have a workable, though not optimal, solution.
I can still go try another good solution.
Thanks again for your enthusiastic guidance and help.