Can I immediately end the Pro trial?

Is it possible to install without the Pro trial? I’m installing emclient for my tech-wary mum, and don’t want her to get confused by pro features that will disappear in 30 days.

I installed the free license but pro features such as ‘watch for reply’ still appear to be available.

Thank you.

Are you sure you activated the Free license?

You can get one here.

Then go to Menu > Help > License, click on Activate and paste in the license key.

Yes, thanks @Gary I get a popup when choosing one of the pro features inviting me to activate a pro license.

But I’d prefer just to remove the pro features completely if that’s possible.

The Pro features won’t be available if you have activated a Free license. That is why you get a popup that says the feature is restricted, and to activate a Pro license if you want to use it.

Thank you @Gary I’m probably not being very clear here, but I don’t want the Pro features to show in the user interface at all.

I suppose another way of asking the question might be - can I customise the right click menus to remove the pro features in the same way as I can customise the toolbars?