Can I have contact folders that synch with icloud? I used to have this on MS Outlook and would benefit from it in eM Client...

For instance I would have a contact folder titled “Booked Weddings”, another marked “Telephony clients” another marked “Ad Agency” etc… so that I could keep my clients into some kind of order. These folders appeared in MS Outlook but would synch simply as a long list of contacts in iCloud and on my iPhone; but would synch back into their respective folders in Outlook. Can I have the same feature in eM Client? This feature would make eM Client far more effective for me (I love it in every other regard) and if so I can ditch MS Outlook forever.

Hi, unfortunately currently groups from iCloud behave as distribution lists, we’re considering some major changes in the contacts group/distribution lists behavior.
If you’d like to see an improvement as well make an “Idea” topic to let other users vote on the feature.

Thank you,