Can i get rid of annoying 'paste options' box?

As per title. Pops up and ‘gets in the way’ every time i paste into a message. I believe there is a way of removing it in Word. Can I do it in eMClient? Thanks.


I tried. But no luck! :frowning:

I am not a MS Word user, but how do you manage that?

It’s an old version (Word 2002): tools>options>edit>uncheck “show paste options buttons”

Me too - the paste options box is VERY annoying.  Anyone from emclient care to respond?

If I just hit [esc] the box goes away.  Don’t know of anyway to get rid of it.

This is primarily a user forum, although reps from eM Client do occasionally participate.

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Hi Jay and thanks for that.

I have found various workarounds but not used [esc] - that’s the easiest so thanks.

And yes, many of my queries on the forum have elicited an emc response but as ever, grateful for all help as eM Client is a really excellent mail client.

Thanks again


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Yes, thanks Jay. :slight_smile:

It is annoying because even though I have set the default text paste format to keep text only, the options box is still present.

Interesting thing is that if I paste from Ditto clipboard application, I don’t get the options box. :‐O

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Hello all,

There is no such option in eM Client yet. I’ll change this thread to “Idea” so other users can add their votes to this feature.


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Pressing any key (I use the space bar) also makes it go away.

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That makes sense, drsbfn. So after you have pasted something, as soon as you continue typing it then automatically disappears.

I’ve already selected my paste preference in settings and still get the pop-up. I agree it’s annoying even having to use the esc key to clear.

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Still happening with the latest version, 8.2.1659 (can’t copy that from the version dialog either). Perhaps an optional check in Settings that wants to popup before the paste-in event,- may not be possible.
Edit: Or even dismiss the dialog on mouse click on anything in the dialog but a control, in case Escape doesn’t appeal.

This feature makes me want to go back to Word and use Clippy.

Me too: This paste option is annoying and distracting! I am using CNTRL-V and pasting from a text file so there is not formatting information on my clipboard yet I still this option to “paste as quote”.
Hey emClient developers- please STOP adding stupid ‘features’. This is why I moved away from Outlook.

The tooltip option will disappear as soon as you hit another key, or hit Esc.

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