Can I edit HTML code in an email before forwarding it?

It isn’t intuitive to me how I might edit an html email that I want to forward (source). Is this possible with eM Client?

No, there is no function to do that currently. What is a use case?

Many HTML emails use blockquotes and vertical rules to denote replies. If you receive an email that has been forwarded a few times the message sometimes moved so far to the right it isn’t easily readable. Also there are html advertizements appended to the messages that I would like to remove.

There are also time when I would like to add a little flurish to my emails by adding formating that is only possible using html.

I won’t hold my breath for eM to implement this capability as it doens’t sound like y’all are very interested.

Hi Jim,
I feel your pain. I love this little email client but unfortunately it will not handle my email habits to my preference. Until this link altering issue is resolved I will shelve eMClient and look for an alternative. Thanks for a nice piece of software Michal.

We are considering some kind of html editing in future version…

I’ve given up on eM…

Thanks Michal, I’ll be watching for it.

My problem stems from, apparently when links are copied and pasted or forwarded to a recipient the link that goes is broken. I understand there is something to do with “blockqoute” being added which must tell the website to ignore the link. This is all way over my head.

Otherwise I like eMClient very much and will try it again.

‘W7- Ohhhh Boyy whatamixup’

Thanks , Fred