can I dowload and use em client on my latop as well as my desktop computer using the same licence key ? thanks !

Hi there, I want to use em client on my laptop as I have it on my desktop, can I download and use the same license key for both machines or do I need to register the 2nd machine etc ? thank you !

You need to register a second machine. If you have more than 1 email, you can use the second email address to register a second license.

Many thanks Jay, much appreciated, Paul.

You can also use the same free or pro licence on both computers without another email address.

Whenever you switch computers you just need to (Deactivate) the licence and then (Reactivate) the licence on the other PC and visa versa. EMClient normally remembers the licence to save you typing it back in when switching.

While this is true, I wouldn’t recommend it as it may get your license revoked.

I am sure the designers of EMClient knew alot of peeps have a laptop and desktop used by the same person (like I do) at the same residence, and so designed the program with the deactivate and reactivate in mind. Many other companies have done that for years. Maybe one of the EMClient forum admins can advise on this ?.

Ps I personally don’t really want to setup another email address just to be able to switch between my laptop and desktop in my same house.