Can I delete the Outlook calendar but keep Outlook as primary email?

Now that I have imported all my data into eM Client I want to keep Outlook as my primary for email and delete the Outlook Calendar so that my GMail calender is the only calendar I can use. Is there any way to do this? Thanks!

Simply select the outlook calendar and delete it - it should without any problems.

Thanks for your response but I’m still not clear- from what menu do I select it for deletion? When in calendar view I can right click on the Outlook calendar but the only options I get are “new calendar, collapse all and properties”.

Hi sorry for the delay - I though you were referring to the Outlook calendar imported into eM Client. If so, right click on the calendar folder and choose Delete.

I am referring to the Outlook Calendar imported into eM Client. When I right click on the Calendar folder the calendar opens. When I right click on the outlook calendar there is no option to delete- I get the only the following options: “new calendar, collapse all and properties”. No option to delete.