Can I customize my search settings as a default setting?

First of all, currently, when we open "advanced search(Ctrl+Shift+H), you can see that the search rules setting is fixed in order of 1)all text fields, 2)marked as read, 3)flag, 4)tag, and 5)email.

Can we change the order of these rules or add new rules as default setting?

Secondly, when you see the mail list on the left, you see the not only sender but also other receivers together in the upper line, and the mail title in the lower line.
Can we change this setting so that we can only see the “Sender” in mail list in EM client.

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I am interested too…

For the first question, you cannot change the order or customize what is displayed when first entering the advanced search. These are just suggestions of fields to use, and if you do not enter any data, they are not included. So you can ignore them.

For the second question, this is the way conversations are displayed; so both senders and receivers. For a simple message list, you can disable conversations by selecting Menu > View > Conversations > Disable Conversations, and you will only see the sender of the message in the list.

All I want to do is to display selected emails from a person only.


Enter that person’s name or email address in the search box.

To refine it, click Advanced Search from the dropdown. If you just want to search for message from a particular address, use an advanced search like this:

If you want to save that as a Search Folder for regular use, click on Create Search Folder at the bottom of the window.

Where is the search box I cant find it?

Thanks I can type in an email address but nothing displayed. Also the display you sent is nothing like mine. must bed me how do Cure please?

If nothing is displayed in the results, then click the down arrow in the search box and make sure the necessary folders and fields are selected.

Or you are entering data that does not exist in any message, so there is nothing to display.