Can I create mailboxes for one email account?

Having multiple companies email my same email address, is there a way to create multiple mailboxes to have these different companies forwarded to there own mailbox? I just want to be able to have this as an auto sort for incoming emails.

Yes, this is the function of Rules, which can move messages based on either the sender or the receiver to separate folders. For more on Rules see the specific [help file](|E-mail|Rules| _____ 0 “Link httpswwwemclientcomwebdocumentationen70eMClientDefaulthtmRulesRuleshtm3FTocPath3DFeatures7CE-mail7CRules7C_____0”).

You can also use Search Folders to filter certain messages. This function will leave the messages in the Inbox, but display separate search folders for messages sent to or from certain addresses. For more on Search Folders see the [help file](|Smart%20Folders| _____ 2 “Link httpswwwemclientcomwebdocumentationen70eMClientDefaulthtmSmart20FoldersAbout20Search20Foldershtm3FTocPath3DFeatures7CSmart2520Folders7C_____2”).

Thanks for the reply. I was able to create a new folder and then transferred 63 emails, by dragging them from the inbox to the new folder. The future emails will automatically transfer from the same sender when I receive a new email from them.

My only problem, after I dragged 63 emails to the new folder, the new folder disappeared. I closed eM Client and reopened, still missing the new folder. The new folder name is not under my email account, nor under Smart Folders. I checked Deleted Messages, Archive, Junk E-mail, Drafts, and Inbox. All 63 emails are gone. I setup the email account in Apple Mail to see if the emails, that are missing, would sync. I logged into my icloud account, on, no existence of the emails that I transfered to the new folder.

Is there a way I can retrieve all 63 emails that I transfered to the new, now missing, folder?

Depends on how the folder was deleted. If you manually delete a folder, the folder and its contents will appear in the Trash. If your server just decided to remove the folder, it might be better for you to ask the provider why that happened.