Can I create another "local folder" folder?

Hi everyone!
I haven’t discovered any option to add another “local folder” into my eMClient, so I’m here asking about it to know if someone knows if there any option to do it.

I need another local folder because I have eMClient in two differents places (at work and at home), and in my home computer I have personal and work email (from independent email accounts), and at work I only have work email, so I can’t merge the home and work local folders because they are synced in differents ways.

Thanks for your help and any comment.


Local folder are not synced. The exist only on the device where you use them.

But you can create as many folders as you wish within the Local Folder set. Just right-click on one of the Local Folders and choose New Folder. That will create a new subfolder for you.

Thanks for your answer Gary,

Sorry, I said “synced” but I wanted to say that I make regular backups of my work local folder from AppData folder (focused on local folder) to an shared folder wich I use when I need update local folder work to home with syncfolders, perhaps It’s something weird but It works for me. But how I use it in that way, I can’t use differents folders from the same local folder because they are diferentes files with different contents, and if I use the same local folder, I need to merge my personal and work emails and I don’t trust about the privacy from my work because they can access to any content from the computers and eMClient doesn’t provide any encryption method to the files that are stored in AppData.

Unfortunately you can’t do that reliably. Files and folders from one database are not interchangeable with another database. It may just break the whole database.

If you want to sync folders between different devices, create the folder in the IMAP account in the eM Client main window, and they will sync automatically.

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