Can I create a rule to automatically delete junk email?

The junk mail filter segregation is working fine. I am, however, getting a huge number of junk emails. I would like to create a rule to automatically delete junk mail when it is received. Can you tell me how to do this

Hi, well it’s quite impossible to create a rule that would filter out all junk mail, but you can use the move to junk button, which also offers you to blacklist email/blacklist domain. This way you can get rid off some spam messages that you keep receiving constantly.

Thank you for understanding,

Thanks, Paul, but you misunderstood my question. Can I write a rule to automatically delete an email when it’s moved to the junk folder? I am getting tired of having to empty the huge number of emails that are filtered into the junk mail folder. Thanks,

Hi, sorry for the misunderstanding, unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. But, most mail services are deleting junk from the junk folder after it’s 30 days in the junk folder, so you shouldn’t have to care about emptying the junk folder. It should also not be synchronized with eM Client if you’re using Gmail for example.
Or you can hide the folder and not worry about it’s content.

Thank you for understanding, I hope you can manage to use the current settings,

Thanks, Paul. That’s helpful.

No problem, if you have any other questions, or issues, let us know, we’ll be happy to help!

Thank you,

One of the things i’m learning about em client is the incredibly annoying policy of saying ‘F U, but we can’t do that, thank you for understanding’…

Wouldn’t the better policy being to say, we will look into a solution to the problem? This happens all over this forum, thousands of complaints and all of them end the same way, 'thank you for understanding, but we can’t do that, nor do we care about it, since we post things about problems, and all we get is the same ‘thank you for understanding’ bs…

I would like a solution to deleting junk mail and in my case, for some reason, em client created a Junk Mail and a Junk E-Mail folder, apparently one is automatic, and one is manually marking mail as junk.

This is a huge pain in the butt. I have to dig thru every account, check both folders, have to control-A some because there isn’t even an ‘empty’ option, and there isn’t a unified method of deleting spam/junk mail.

It appears that em client has decided what’s best for US, without us being given the option of deciding what’s best for us. We should be able to dictate what happens to OUR email, not em client. If we want ‘x’ folder to auto-delete daily, we should be able to write a rule to do that. if we want to move mail from x folder to trash, we should be able to do that… this is our email. not em clients mail.

PLEASE open the rules option to creating macro’s to allow us to manipulate our own email anyway we deem appropriate and stop dictating how you think we should handle mail.

I bought a pro acct, got it refunded due to other problems, decided to try a 2nd time and contlnue to find things about it i like and other things i hate.

Handling spam on this program stinks and needs to allow for more flexibilty.

And for gods sake, do not tell me its not possible, thanks for understanding.

Hi Marty, please note we’re carefully evaluating each request for improvement, however eM Client also has a roadmap of features that we’d like to implement and even though I bet it would be great to have all these amazing features instantly, it takes time to improve or even create some of these features.

All the feature requests can also be supported by other users who believe this would be a helpful feature or improvement, supporting a feature on our forum can help to get the feature on top of the list, e.g. it’s based on the user feedback as well.

All Junk folders should have an “empty junk folder” option, however there’s been an issue with this button for iCloud account’s junk folder, we’re working on this one.

Thank you for your patience for these feature, I’m sorry we can’t implement these right away.

Thank you for understanding,

Paul, the truth of the matter is nothing really gets added… All you say is Thank you for understanding, but we really don’t care about your opinions and what you think is important so we’re not adding it. Be honest and we’ll accept that. . I’ve used the Bat for years and would still be using it if they had a decent enterprise option and go from there.

Now, here’s a problem you can tell me you can’t fix i bet either and it’s not planned to ever be done.

When i get certain mail identified as junk mail and it goes into junk, when i delete it it goes to trash, and when i empty the trash it goes back to junk. This mail is then impossible to delete unless i actually un-junk it, put it back in the inbox and then i can delete it. Now, i’ll be honest, if you tell me that mail that’s deemed as junk is not able to be deleted and it’s not on your list of things to fix, i really don’t know why i keep using this product. The inability to delete JUNK MAIL? Come on… this isn’t complicated… and to have to make mail not junk to delete it is ridiculous. But I’m sure you’ll say it’s currently not possible , thank you for understanding.