Can I copy eM client settings between computer and laptop?

I have installed eM client on my PC to test with my Gmail account. I have configured the appearance to be exactly as I want it - colours, fonts, windows, ordering etc. etc. and I LOVE it!

I have now installed on my laptop. Is there a way that I can copy all of the eM Client settings from my PC to my laptop? Some sort of configuration file I can copy over to make both instances identical?

My wife would like to do the same thing and I have friends who would be in a similar position when I show them just how GREAT this client is!


For you own PC/laptop, the settings including mail, calender and contact are stored at:
C:\Users%Current User%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client (Vista/Win7)
C:\Documents and Settings%Current User%\Application Data\eM Client (XP)

EM Client at the moment don’t offer setting distribution. However, you can try to copy only the main.dat file to see if the settings will transfer.

I would strongly discourage anyone from copying only few files from storage and combining them with different ones. This will almost surely corrupt the database and make the application unstable.

However you can move whole storage to new location and preserve your settings. In case of copying you can face some licensing issues.

The settings import/export feature is on our road plan and should be present at 4.0 version.

Thanks for the responses. I did respond tncs.s9 yesterday but my response couldn’t be posted.I had tried to copy main.dat but had ‘permissions’ problems.

Petr - can you clarify what you mean by “move whole storage”.

Do I install eM on laptop with no accounts the move whatever “whole storage” turns out to be from my PC to the laptop. Or do I need to create the accounts on the laptop to match the accounts on the PC and THEN copy “whole storage” over?

Thanks again.

Whole storage Petr applies to everything under the database folder that I mentioned. The database would includes everything, including mail account that you have setup and configuration settings.

If you want to transfer only the settings, than you need to first do all the settings you wanted (excluding setting up e-mail account) and back that up. That way you will have a ‘preset’ configuration without any other garbage.

As correctly mentioned by tncs.s9 the whole storage is the folder containing database files. You can move whole folder to a new location without configuring the accounts on new machine (by rewriting the directory all the information is lost).

However as I said before I would not recommend copying of the storage and simultaneous usage on multiple machines as you might run into some licensing issues (eM Client asking about your license).

I have copied over the whole directory from PC to laptop with limited success. It replicated the email accounts I set up on the PC but did not take over the settings such as the category colours or the sound file changes.

I have now licenced my copy and used the same licence number on the PC and on my laptop. Seems to be working OK but I get an annoying message every time I start the client:

“Your licence of eM client is restricted to a maximum of 2 accounts. Therefore, only 2 of your accounts are online.”

Firstly - I am not even sure what it means or why it thinks I had more than 1 account.

Secondly- how do I stop the message!?

Love the client and I look forward to version 4.0. I am happy to beta test.


That odd. All settings should be transferred. I have no problem with this since version 2.7.

The license should only be used on 1 PC. EM does verify license on-line periodically.

“Your licence of eM client is restricted to a maximum of 2 accounts. Therefore, only 2 of your accounts are online.” -> This is a warning message for the ‘free’ license. As free license only allow 2 account usage. Did you get a free license or Pro?

Thanks for the response.

I have the free version - but I don’t want to have this message pop up every time I start the client. I only have 1 eM account to use on two machines - my PC and my laptop.

How do I stop the message?

I will try transferring the settings again. . .

You can’t stop the error message. You need to obtain another free license. Using another e-mail address or alias.

If you want to setup a “base” configuration, it should be done on a clean installation of eM with no account or license being setup. That way, you’ll only have the configuration settings without anything else being setup.

OK. I understand. Thanks.

Unfortunately I am going to have to uninstall and stop using eM Client. Despite the fact that I LOVE it. It is the BEST client I have found in terms of UI, useability and features. I especially like the sidebar and the ability to list the email history with the currently selected sender in the main window. Genius. Plenty of other great features too.

So why stop using it? Because I need to monitor more than 2 email accounts. I have my main personal account. My old NTL account. My ‘temp sign-up’ account ( to ensure I don’t in-undate my personal account with spam). My church account (I work voluntarily for my church) and my Freecycle account (which has to be a yahoo account).

I can manage all of these accounts with Thunderbird, no problem. Shame about the 2 account limit on eM Client.

I am totally new as of yesterday but surely this guy has got it wrong. I set up 6 email accounts no bother on the one account just as he seems to want.

John - yes, did the same - set up 5 email accounts and they all worked fine - until you have to register/licence the client. At that point only two of the accounts are active. The other sit there and do not retrieve any email.

Shame really as the client is great.

First time installation of eM will allow you a period of trial usage. After that you need to get a free license (2-account limitation) or buy a Pro license.

There’s a special running for discount price of the Pro license.

It the best solution I can find for you.

I had not spotted the reduction back down to 2 and so this is a suggestion I may follow. I am puzzled as I do not see a price for theSync2eM once the 60 days trial ends.

Hmmm. Discount is better price - approx £19 +VAT = £22.79.

But if I read it right, that does not include s/w updates after first 12 months. I would have to pay same again every year for updates.

I’m just a poor boy (nobody loves me. He’s just a poor boy from a poor family. . .)

Aside from the ‘more than 2 accounts’ I don’t see any real additional benefit of paying for Pro version. Will have to go with Thunderbird.

Just my 2c.

That the whole idea of the 2 account limitation. EM has a different business model. Beside the two account, you’ll also receive dedicated support, instead of posting and waiting for the forum.

It your choice. I personally won’t even look at Thunderbird, as Outlook Express has even better IMAP support than Thunderbird.

Looks like eM has change the site layout again. Sync2EM is a monthly subscription, I can’t remember the pricing on that.