can i copy and paste without formating?

when i write email I would like to be able to copy from i.e. browser and paste without any formating

No, it is not possible at the moment, but you can remove formating after the text is pasted. There is a special button for it.

I have the same problem, Neither I can paste un-formatted, nor can I remove the caused format changes after having pasted.

In addition, many inserted texts (copied e.g. from websites or word, cause real troubles in eM-CLient by messing up the existing format including line-distance, texttype, color etc. )

In Word, I created a key-shortcut-macro for un-formated-paste.
In Emails, this option (“un-formatted paste”, or “paste text only”, would be more often used than “paste with format”.

Hi, you could compose a plain text email and insert the content inside this and then change the mail back to HTML, you can do this in Tools > Format, while composing a new message.
But otherwise you can only remove formatting after the text/content is inserted.

Thank you for understanding,

no, no, no.

It’s possible to copy text from program A to a new e-mail without copying the formatting: just use [ctrl]+[shift]+v, instead of [ctrl]+v when pasting text to an e-mail.