Can I connect to my desktop mail from my laptop

I would like to use my desktop application from my laptop without using Go to My PC. Does the free eM Client provided this feature? If not, does the Pro application provide this feature?

If you setup your email accounts in eM Client using either IMAP (default setting) or Exchange, then all your messages will be synced with your provider’s email server. That means that you can connect to the same account using any email client or computer and have the same synced data on each.

So install eM Client on your laptop and add the same email accounts. 

There is no difference between the Free and Pro Licenses in this regard, but you will need to register a second Free License (using a different email address) for the Laptop. If you go the Pro License route, you will need to purchase one license for each computer. There is a substantial discount when purchasing them at the same time.

Hi Gary,

Thank you so much for your effort and articulate answer.

I understand that I can access both of my providers servers (I have two accounts) from both my desktop and laptop and that they are synced on those servers. My question goes beyond that (I think). I have hundreds of folders and 10s of thousands of emails on my desktop (I don’t exchange emails from the web). Since I don’t want some emails/folders to reside orphaned on my laptop, I want to be able to access my desktop hard drive store of emails from the road (on the laptop). I can do that with Go to My PC, but they have really jacked their rates. I guess I am asking if eM Client can provide a VPN connection between my computers for just their mail app. Sorry my request lacked clarification.

I appreciate your recommendations regarding the differences between Free and Pro.

I have had success and stability with QuickMail on XP for nearly two decades. I am “upgrading” to a whole new world with OS 10. This is part of the process.

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Other than Go To or similar, there is no way to access the local folders of eM Client remotely.

What you could do is backup eM Client on the desktop, and restore that on the laptop. That way you will have access to the historical data when you are away form the desktop. But if you are just downloading and not syncing with a server, then one or the other will soon be out of sync. 


I expected that might be the case. But, one can dream…there are SO many awesome things happening in tech on a daily basis. One of those “things” is speed, space and cost ratios, allowing for a paradigm shift. Given your suggestion, maybe I can keep the app and all data on one flash drive. Then, I simply move the flash drive back and forth. Does that sound sound to you?

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It is possible, but the read/write speed of the USB is going to be a problem. Maybe 1/10 that of an SSD hard disk.

All you can do is try it and see.


Hi, Unless you use “Go to My PC” for business reasons and purposes,
there is no reason to stick with it.
There are many free remote control/assist programs available,

My “go to” program is TeamViewer and if strictly used for private use
and is then free.High frequency use will be flagged, but that is true for most - if not all
free programs in that category. under Fair Use policy.

A simple search will give you many choices,