Can I change the taskbar new mail notification icon in emClient 7?

Can I change the taskbar new mail notification icon in emClient 7?  In version 6 it was yellow and plain as day. In version 7 the icon is barely visible because it is transparent and just an outline of an envelope.

Hello Mikey,
no, the notification email cannot be changed, there is only a white and black version to accomodate dark/light options of your windows taskbar.


It would be nice if you could put out an update with a thicker outline on the notification email. At present, the outline is so thin you can barely see it on the task bar of Windows 10. 

Other than that the version 7 is really nice compared to 6.

Hello Mikey,
I will forward your feedback to our team and mark this thread as Idea so our developers may consider this change.


Thank you Olivia. 

I don ́t “see” the issue since the eM-Client-Application-Icon in the Taskbar also shows when new Messages arrived…

I have to admit: my eM-Client is installed on my Windows 8.1 PC… perhaps this makes a difference?


This is a very bothersome issue on my Windows 7 installation. My task bar is dark blue. When new mail arrives, the eMC 7 notification icon in the tray area effectively disappears. .

I vote for the old yellowish icon, or at least an option. This was not a brilliant idea!

I’m not seeing any taskbar icon on Windows 7

eznohstar, on the Tools --> Settings --> General menu, do you have “Minimize application to tray” and/or “Close application to tray” checked?

“Minimize application to tray”

I noticed this morning when I booted my PC that the eMC icon displays briefly on the task bar then disappears.

Perhaps the information here will help:…

Note, however, that even if you have the settings properly set, the tray icon is dark and it will be very difficult to see if your theme gives the tray a dark background color. See my post above. It’s the same in Windows 7 and 10.

The icon was orange before it disappeared. Also there are no spaces where a difficult to see icon would be.

The above link helped, thanks!

Any progress on this? I recently updated my eM Client and man do I regret it! I never notice when I have unread emails sitting there because of this silly hard to see black envelope outline on a dark taskbar.

Not only is it hard to see but the icon only shows up at all about half the time.

Seems like this would be a fairly simple problem to fix . . .

Yes Please! Can we have a new (old) icon with colour?

I posted on this issue a full year ago.  An icon seems like such a simple thing to change . . .

I have to agree with Fritz comment above. I don’t see the issue.

If you have any tweaking software running on Windows, you might want to disable it or reset to Windows defaults.