Can I change the font size as a partially blind person needs to type in Font size 20 as a minimum. Thank you

Is it possible to change the size of the fonts in eM Client. One elderly friend that I email has very poor sight so I need to increase the size of the fonts to around 20. Thank you

I think you asked two questions here.

From your subject, you want to increase the font size for a person to be able to see what they are typing. This can be done in Windows 10 by changing the display settings. There are also other Easy of Access options available through Windows settings.

The question you asked in the body, you can change change the font size of text in emails you are sending by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the A. Be aware though that what you send is not always what the receiver will see, depending on their email client and it’s settings.

Thank you very much for both suggestions and such a quick response. I will investigate later today and post an ‘update’ asap…  Best regards.   Bill