Can I change my Local Folder to a separate folder tree?

I started my trial today and I have set my POP3 account as a local folder, then I found a separate folder tree can display the e-mail address as its folder name, so I can easily manage my different accounts.But I got a problem with change my Local Folder to a separate folder tree, I just can’t find the option to do this. Is that I just can’t do it now?

You can only do that while you setup the account. You can’t change it afterwards. It is the last screen of the setup dialogue.

Thanks for your reply! If I reset my account, can I save the folders and rules I have created in Local Folders?

Fortunately, deleting the POP3 account will not remove anything from the Local Folders, nor the Rules. To be safe, just make a backup (Menu > File > Backup) before you delete anything.

Later, once you have setup a separate tree for the POP account, deleting the account will delete it’s separate folders.

I have successfully reset my account, Thanks for your help!

My understanding of the above is that deleting an account will only delete the data if the account has it’s own folder tree, but if the account data is under local folders deleting the account will not remove the data. Can anyone confirm this?

A reliable answer is vital to me because i have multiple accounts sharing local folders, and i want to delete one of the accounts but do not wish to delete any data.

I was prompted to ask this because when i go to delete the account i get a warning message that says: “Warning: Deleting an account will also locally remove all folders and items in this account tree.”

Hi Shanna.

Yes you are correct. Deleting an account will only delete a folder tree that is separate from Local Folders. In my screen shot above, if you select Store messages in Local Folders when adding the account, the messages will not be deleted when you delete the account. The same applies to IMAP accounts; when you delete the account, it removes the folder tree for that account.

If in doubt, make a backup (Menu > File > Backup) before deleting an account.

Hi Gary,

Thanks muchly. Yes, it worked :slight_smile:

When you select the option "store messages in local folders, 1. does that mean they are deleted off the server and are only in the local folders?  2. if you have multiple accounts, will all the emails be mixed together?  I desperately am trying to figure out how to have the server delete my emails once they are downloaded to my email client.  I feel like I am in Oz, I am the scarecrow, and if only I had a brain!

So these settings are only applicable to POP3 accounts.

  1. By default eM Client will leave the messages on the server for 7 days after it has downloaded them, and then delete them from the server. They will only be in local folders after that. You can change this setting in Menu > Tools > Accounts.

  1. Yes, if you choose to store messages in Local Folders, all the POP3 accounts that you selected that option for will be in a single folder tree. That means they will all share the same Inbox and Sent folders.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, Gary, my accounts are IMAP.  I appreciate the response, though.  You are very generous with your time!