Can I auto archive everything except INBOX?

I am using eM Client with 3 e-mail accounts using IMAP. As I deal with messages that come in, I move them from the INBOX to the appropriate folder. I would like to set up auto-archiving on all 3 accounts so that it only keeps the last 2 weeks worth of mail on the servers but I do not want it to archive ANY e-mails in the INBOX. For me, if it is still in the inbox that means I have not dealt with it yet and do not want it archived. Is there any way to configure eM Client to do that?

Hi Frank, this is currently not possible in eM Client, Inbox has to be always included while archiving.
We’ll consider adding this feature to future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

If an e-mail message is archived, can I move it back from the archive to the inbox of the mail file?  Since I file all my e-mails, I could easily check to see if any are in the inbox folder of the archive and manually move them if necessary.  Thanks!

Hi Frank, yes archived emails will be visible in a local “archive” folder and you can move the email back to the IMAP folder whenever you want.

Hope this helps,