Can I add my hotmail calendar to eM Client?

I have an account. (New version of hotmail) and I’d lke to see the calendar is this possible?

I am sorry but Hotmail calendar is not supported yet.

When is this expected to be part of eM Client?

It should be implemented in the next major version 6.


I’ve just tried eM Client - looks very promising. Fast and neat interface. Really liked it!! Unfortunately no support for sync with Hotmail calendar yet - important for me. I would like to switch from outlook once this feature is implemented. Is there any rss or newsfeed I can subscribe to? Please let me know. Thank You.

I am sorry, there is no RSS nor the newsfeed but I can add you to our list of beta testers so you will get the latest versions right after we finish them.
Just let me know …

Thanks for answer. Yes, it would be great if you add me to the beta testers list.

Send me an email so I can add your email address to our list. Thank you.

Is there any timeframe on this feature? I just started my trial today and I need to decide whether I’ll continue. All of my calendar information is in my Hotmail account.


You can expect it in 2-3 months.

Great, thanks! I’ve thought about it a bit and I may take this opportunity to set up mail on my own domain backed by Google Apps, but good to know it’s coming.

Hotmail (now calendar integration would be great. I’d really like to ditch Windows Live Mail for that too!

Hi George - Can you add me to the beta testers too? I’d love to see Hotmail/ integrated into eM Client as good as your guys did it with Google.


No problem, contact me directly at please. Thank you.

Hi George, can you add me in beta program?

Sure, just email me directly at Thank you.

May I ask how this feature is progressing?


In 6th version beta you should be able to use calendar and contacts without problem.

with regards

That’s great to hear. Is there a way into the beta? :wink:

yes, here… :slight_smile: