Can eMClient just download new emails without synching?

Can eMClient be set up to download only and not synch? I like to delete emails on my computer and never empty the trash in case I need to look at an older email, which I can do in ThunderBird.  But by synching, my trash gets deleted because my online Yahoo account deletes old emails on a regular basis.  I do not want to go through every email deciding which ones can really be deleted and which one I “might” want to save for viewing several months hence.

Hi Jim ,if you want to setup your account as an POP3 account, please navigate to Tools > Accounts and create a new account, instead of using the automatic setup, please navigate to the Mail section and select ‘Other’, proceed with the steps and setup the account as POP3 using the recommended server settings provided by your mail service vendor.

Hope this helps,

OK, thanks Paul, I’ll try that.