Can EMC be set of operate globally instead of on each account separately?

I’ve found the setting for Global Inbox on startup, but is there any way to force the client to treat all accounts as one merged entity rather than separately? I have 5 accounts and it’s very confusing and cumbersome to have messages scattered around them. Ideally everything coming in should go to the global inbox and everything going out to one Sent folder. I don’t want to see or be bothered with the individual accounts (which is how Thunderbird has worked).

The lack of this integration spoils an otherwise excellent programme.


Click “Menu / Settings / General / Show Favorite Folders” which will then give you a Global Inbox and you can then display / enable a Global Sent box etc for all accounts via “Right clicking” on “All Inboxes”.

eM Client for Windows example below.

Thanks again, cyberzork, appreciate your help. I’m struggling to understand many aspects of the programme. I sent an email this afternoon for which I received both delivered and read receipts, yet can find no trace of the copy that should be in one of the Sent folders (yes, I have ticked the relevant option in Mail > Send, and I’ve had no trouble finding copies of other sent messages). Still finding some of EMC’s behaviour baffling.