Can eM Client synch with Nokia's PC Suite?

Is there a way that eM Client can interoperate with Nokia’s PC Suite to synchronizw with my Nokia phone?

Hi, at the moment there is no simple way, but…
In several weeks we plan to start a service that will enable to synchronize eM Client data with mobile devices (through ActiveSync and SyncML protocols), so it will be possible with this service. In long term we are considering direct integration with Nokia PC Suite or/and OVI Suite.
Hope this will help.

Please let me know when it happens. I am cautiously using em client in place of Outlook where I sync to both my Nokia N80 and my iPaq

Dobrý den, už je nějaké řešení pro synchronizaci s nokií či PC Suite?

is it now posible to sync emclient with nokia pc suite

Dobry den,
ano, je to mozne prostrednictvom nasej sluzby Sync2eM ( ).

Did you ever implement the feature where Nokia OVI can sync with EM Client?

No, sorry.