Can EM Client handle multiple Google Apps Alias email accounts?

Hello there,

I am one of those people with many email addresses that I use to compartmentalise different aspects of my online life. I also have a grandfathered Google Apps account from which I run several different alias accounts that I want my desktop client to monitor.

Recently, Outlook has been unable to send email from one or more of these alias accounts. The issue seems to be the outgoing mail port on 587 TLS encryption. I suspect this issue may stem from my using this port for multiple aliases, but nonetheless that is what I do and I want a client that can deal with this workload.

I also want to check all my addresses relatively frequently (5 mins is my default).

Can EMClient handle this? Can it deal with multiple aliases of Google Apps mail being checked regularaly alongside a standard Gmail account, Outlook account (with its own aliases) and so forth?

If so, I will happily ditch Outlook and use it, but I don’t want to make the change only to encounter the same problem.



Em Client  (pro version) can definitely handle multiple google email accounts.  I  also have several.  It works fine.


Hi, if you have your google apps accounts setup as aliases all you should have to do is to setup one account in eM Client and setup the aliases under Tools > Account > Your account > General > Aliases, and add all your other addresses as your aliases.
You should then be able to send your email on behalf of this address.

Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any further issues with the setup.

Thank you,

Thanks Paul for the added information!!

No problem, happy to help.