Can EM Client AUTOREPLY to e-mail?

I tried to create a rule for an “out of office” reply but could not find anything with a “reply” function. Can this be done?

Thank you,

Hi Alex,

that is a server functionality. eM Client can do this only with cooperation with IceWarp Mail server.

As George point out, no eM Client can’t do this with mail rules. But as it being pointed out by other users before, the rules in eM Client need to be worked on, as even Outlook Express can auto-respond e-mails.

Hi George,
For my mails I’m using IceWarp Mail server. But I can’t find in eM Client settings, how to set up auto-reply. Can you please help me, where I can find this option?

It needs to be set with your license. Send me your license details to

Agree! Even the most basic email programs have “Out of Office” auto reply messages. In today’s world, people expect instant replies… unless they get an Out of Office reply.

Please understand that Out of Office is mainly server sided option. It does not make sense to use client based Out of Office reply.