Can EM be an offline reader?

trying to switch from Live Mail to EM and when I installed I’m wondering if
there was an option for Pop3 instead of IMAP, because any changes I make to my inbox are changed on my email server. What I want is for EM to download my emails to my PC from my email server and then let me do what I want without affecting my email server webmail. While in EM I moved emails from my inbox to a folder and it deleted those emails from my email server. With Live Mail it’s setup to only delete downloaded emails after 14 days. Can EM work like this?

Hello Gerry,
yes, eM Client can work like this, but you need to setup your account as POP, not IMAP.
Your server probably has IMAP settings on autodiscover which is why this setup was used.
To setup an account as POP you will need to do so manually.

Go to Menu>Tools>Account.
Open New Account setup (+ button).
Select Mail>Other instead of Automatic setup and input your POP server settings.

After you finish the setup you can manage if/for how long the copy of the message should stay on the server under the POP tab.