Can complete emails be stopped downloading as in Outlook.

MS Outlook has the feature of not downloading an email until the user selects for it to be downloaded. Allowing the sender to be evaluated before accepting download. This additionally reduces data traffic for low monthly quota users. Is there a similar feature in emclient?

You have a couple of options in eM Client (assuming IMAP, not sure on Exchange).  If you go to menu/tools/accounts and open the IMAP tab, you will notice an “Offline” section.  By default, the option for “Download Messages for Offline Use” is unchecked, meaning that only the header is downloaded and the message itself is not downloaded until you select it.  Also, it does not store the message body, even after it is selected, so next time you select it, the message will be downloaded again.

By checking the option, the message will be downloaded to your local system and will remain there, allowing you to view it when offline.  I believe, however, that the message is still not downloaded until you select it (I could be wrong on this, but I don’t think so).

The issue for not downloading for offline use is that searches for text in the body of an email will not function properly, since eM Client does not do a server based search, only a local search.

You also have the same options for attachments.

Would be nice to have the same facility for POP accounts, as in Outlook.

Have tested the recommended Download feature checked and unchecked. Cannot distinguish a difference when receiving an email with an attached photo???

The only difference is that with the “Download for offline use” checked, the message body is stored on the local system.  This means you will not have to download the message again when selected and the search feature will have the body text available for searches.

As far as the attachment, there is an additional option for that (same place as for the message).  It behaves in the same manner–if checked, the initial download will also save it to the local system.