Can anyone please tell me how to disable auto settings for check frequency on incoming emails

Disabale email frequency check

Where can I find the frequency check box please?

You can disable in the account settings that the account will be included in Seinding and Receiving.
In the Default Preferences you could disable ‘Synchronize elements every…’

Thank you Daniel - I cant find the default setting in Sending and Receiving. I can’t find default settings anywhere else - can you help further please?

I’m currently using emClient 7, but here’s an image (see on the bottom ‘include when …’)
You could also disable a service (SMTP/POP/Imap) for an account…

And the default setting is in Settings-General

Hello Chris,
the frequency for checking emails can be set only for POP accounts, as other mail services keep the accounts synchronized all the time and new messages appear as soon as they are accepted.
If you have a POP account though, you can disable the checking completely in Tools>Settings>General and under Synchronization disable the option to ‘Synchronize items every X minutes’. New messages will only sync when you click the Send and receive/Refresh button then.


Hi  Daniel and Olivia - Thank you for your advice. I have completed both operations and still “Mailwasher” isn’t picking up my emails first. I have unchecked “Syc items every X minutes” and nothing happens - emails still go to EM. I need Mailwasher to intercept emails first - any other ideas please? Or does anyone have an other way of stopping spam getting into my em accounts both IMAP and POP3

Hello Chris,
I see, you did not mention this very important piece of information on why you need to limit your synchronization.
I believe to use MailWasher you will need to have all your accounts set up as POP for this to work. Reading their FAQ and how it works, MailWasher cannot do this for mail protocols that have real time sync (such as IMAP).
If you set up all your accounts as POP and disable the start up and ‘…every X mintes’ synchronization, then this will work and eM Client will only synchronize when you use the ‘Send and receive button’.
Then it will work as they describe on their page:

* Open MailWasher
* Click, Check Mail,
* Mark your email for deletion or keeping,
* Click Process Mail,
* Then you open your email program,
* Click Send/Receive in there to check for new mail like normal.