callto-Link in Contact sidebar

Hi there, still evaluating your great mail client I’ve come across some feature in the Contact sidebar I don’t know how to use. The phone numbers seem to be clickable hyperlinks, but whenever I click them nothing happens.

As I have some CTI-Application running which handles callto:-URLs, it would be great to enable it for the contacts. Can eM be configured that way?

Thanks in advance.

I believe at the moment, eM Client only support Skype.

We currently support opening the telephone number only in Skype, but it’s certainly reasonable to fallback to using callto: links if Skype is not available. I’ll add it to a roadplan for our next version.

CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) over TAPI (Telephony Application Programming Interface) would be so great!

Thank you, that sounds great!

Any news about this topic? callto-Links still would be appreciated

it is scheduled for version 5.0, but it is possible that it will be available sooner in 4.5.


I’m just testing 5.0 Beta. Has this feature been implemented? I’m still getting some Skype-Error…

Thanks in advance.

we did not make it because of lot of other scheduled features. You can expect it in the version 5.5.
What error messages are you getting?

Hello and thanks for your answer, George.

Well OK, better late than never…

The error I get is just the default message you get if you don’t have Skype installed

It would be great if the program could TAPI dial like Outlook does using an installed modem.


It would be great to configure callto-Links with an external application. Is this feature on the road map?

It is in our todo list but I cannot tell you when exactly it will be implemented - I am sorry.

I would really prefer buying eM Client licenses for our company but without callto support we have to think about it.

Will this feature be a part of 6.0 as I would like to reinstall eMClient at that time? Thanks!

Sorry, it is still planned, but the upcoming version 6 will not contain this feature.