Calender Syncing

The calender entrees interned into eM Client does not show in my Google Client. How do I sync the calender both ways so that I can enter calender entrees in eM Client?

EM Client support two way sync. Just need to make sure you set Google Calendar as the default calendar and don’t use the calendar under local folders.

To move your existing calendar to Google export to iCal (.ics) first by -> File -> Export -> select the local calendar -> follow through and finish.

Than import back to your Google calendar, File -> Import -> Select the .ics file & choose the Google calendar -> follow through and done.

Many thanks for you quick reply.

For some reason I can’t export my calender to gmail and when I try to save the calender at the gmail through eM Client it does not work either.

Is it possible to import it to the local disk and then sync the local disk to gmail?

Its no possible, the program differentiate an on-line calendar with local calendar for a reason.

I have no problem of importing or exporting in eM. Google Calendar on the other hand, had more restriction. Did the import/export process give you any error message?

No the import did not give me any messages but when I start the eM Client I get the following message (it’s in Swedish so here is a direct translation):

The uploading of activites to the calender ' - Calendar - Calendar_120829/ "failed with one fault: Invalid Value

Does this mean anything to you?

Yes, the error message generally means the .ICS data contains a value that is unreadable or not supported. I generally find Google’s online calendar has much more restriction, as I also came across the problem myself. However, when I use eM to do the import onto Google, it worked.

Thank you for your reply. Do you mean that it is possible to import any calender data to google from eM even though it originally may be in a format that Google does not support such as .pst?

If so, can you explain how to do the import onto google from eM because it is apparently where I fail.

Many thanks!

Leave the .PST file aside, because it off topic. What I meant is certain syntanx is not supported within the iCalendar (.ics) format. And Google doesn’t allow a .ics file that has a very far date range (eg. it failed on me when I try to import a .ICS that had date range till 2099).

To import iCal (.ics) in eM at the menu -> Import -> choose ‘Import events from iCal’ -> Click on ‘Browse’ and select the .ics file -> click on ‘Select folder’ and make sure to choose the correct folder under ‘’ -> Finish.