Calender: Show "Time of day" marker only for today

Can we please have the option - if not even make it the default - to show the “current time of day” marker only for the current day? It irritates me colossally when planning an event several weeks in the future when this red line get’s in the way…

Of what use should that marker be for any other day than today?

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I was about to ask for this same feature!

It is in fact very annoying for me as well. I don’t see its usefulness at all for any other day than today! It distracts the hell of me all the time as it drags my attention towards ‘irrelevant’ days and events. As you said, the marker should be present for today and today only (in daily and both weekly views).


Glad to hear I’m not the only one. Just nearly had a heart attack a few minutes ago when looking at the caldendar thinking “oh my gosh I need to go to the dentist in an hour” when the actual appointment is next Monday…
Don’t know if I’m allowed to say that here but this is something that Outlook actually does better than em Client!

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We had it like this in 7.x then we changed that in v. 8 and based on feedback we’ll change that for 8.2 as it was in 7 (only for today).

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That’s great news, thank you @Michal_Burger!

Sounds great! Thank you very much!