Calender listings gone after repair

Hey, got a big problem. There was an sync issue when adding an entry to the calender. A new entry made in goolge calender applied in em client. But a new entry in em client wasn’t shown in google. So I made an right-click on the calender in em client an clicked on the calender - settings - repair. After that, all my entries are gone. Only the one I added on google a there but every entry made in em client are lost. Is the any possibility to get them back. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Lutz

Hey, is there nobody who can give me an information about this? It is such a big problem for me, since all my calender events are deleted. My business depends on that. Would even pay for support if there is something I could do.


When you check you google calendar through the web, are the events still there?


I figured out more. Three weeks ago I lost my google password. That seems to be the reason, that the synchronisation didn’t work. So yesterday I generated a new password. All the events I added within the three weeks on my desktop with em-client where only visible in em-client. By doing the repair these events are now lost.

On my website I only see the events I generated in google or the older events til three weeks ago.

Thanks, Lutz

Hey Lutz,

In that case it seems that all the events were stored locally and by repairing them (which deletes local events and repairs the database with fresh events downloaded from the server), those events are now lost.

I’m very sorry, but there’s not much we can do now.


Hey Dave,

yes, I expected that bad massage. So there are no “older version” of that database available where I could restore older events?

But to avoid this in future: What would you recommend to do? A third party backup from the em client folder "C:\Users…\AppData\Roaming\eM Client? Or does em-client has any features to backup events next to synchronisation?

Thanks, Lutz

Unfortunately there is no older version of the database unless you had the Backup option checked in Tools->Settings->General, which also answers your second question - you can enable backup to automatically backup the whole database to any folder you choose periodically, avoiding precisely these types of unfortunate situations.


The point is: that was activated (see below):

But as you can see the line below the checkbox: (translated:) Last backup: “No backup available” or “Never saved”.

There isn’t even a folder existing. What could be the reason for that?