Calender issue: sync upload failed

emClient 9.2.1841

Without any reason some entries in my calender produce sync upload issues, moreover I don’t even know, what this is, a ‘sync upload’.

In the failure dialoge it’s said:
The server doesn’t respond “unauthorized” related a specific folder.

I got also randomly failures with other “unauthorized” failure messages, without any reason.

Most annoying is, if you don’t ignore this failure (and accept, that it will pop up all the time again), the only thing is to erase the calendar entry. If you have various entries (ec highly important dates), they are lost and if you can’t match the entrys manually, you are kicked.

Nice dysfuctionality: the choice between accepting repetedly poping up alerts or erasing dates, which you can’t match easy manually.

But: Generally the sync of accounts (email, other calender entries in general) work more or less fine (if WLAN and connectivity is stable)

How to deal with this issue?
Thanks for any advice.

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martes 20 junio 2023 :: 0932hrs (UTC +0100)

Maybe your WLAN is causing the issue as it could be random during synch
Are you certain the Birthday target folder address is correct?



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Also, Birthday calendars are not usually writable as they are generated by the server, so if you try to save something there it will give you an error.

If you are not saving or editing items in that folder, it can happen if there are reminders on events in the read-only calendar. If you dismiss the reminder, it tries to write that to the calendar and fails. Go to the Calendar section of eM Client and right-click on the Birthday calendar folder. Choose Properties and untick the option to show reminders.