Calender Event/Meeting Time Zone Wrong

Question: Could Daylight Saving Play a Role in wrong time zone showing? When Importing the .ics file it thinks its in time zone -7 when it should be Pacific Daylight -7 ??

Paul, I emailed you the source code of the calendar event as requested the the other week. Any progress on finding the cause of this issue?

Hi again, unfortunately I have not received any additional data from you, can you please make sure you’ve sent it to the above email address? Also please make sure you include a reference link to this forum topic.

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Paul, not sure what happened to my email. I just imported another .ics file to my local calendar today and this time the time zone and star/end times were listed correctly.

I’ll keep an eye on it and if I get another .ics file that imports with UTC start/end times, I will copy the calendar event source code and email to you as instructed above.

I am also an eM Client Pro subscriber now, so I will most likely be opening a Pro Support ticket about this issue as well if it re-occurs.

Hi again, I’m glad it works, please let us know if the issue reoccurs. Also please open either the ticket or let us know here, there’s no need to be resolving the issue on the portals.
My colleagues at the PRO support will assist you if any issue reoccurs.

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Will do. If the issue does occur and a solution is found, I would still like to post back here to help others that are searching for help with the same problem.

I’m having a similar problem whenever I import a .ics file. The time zone is set to UTC default, and I have to fix it everytime. It’s difficult to fix, too. The end time keeps changing whenever I correct the start time. PIA.

Hi Mark, what mail service vendor are you using with eM Client?

What version of eM Client are you currently using with eM Client, can you please check the exact version number in Help > About?

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Hi I have same problem. When I recieve .ics file the time zone is wrong…
Version is up-to-date. Timezones on client PC and on Server are the same. This happening only with eM client. In Outlook or at webmail access are times showed correctly. Can you please help me? Thanks Dan

Hello Daniel, seems however that the calendar event is a whole day event and based on the screenshot I believe this calendar event would be a whole day event without being moved to another day thanks to incorrect settings. Can you please include a screenshot of how you see this event in your calendar?

What calendar service are you using for synchronizing the calendar with eM Client?


Hi Paul, 
here is my sshot.

we using Kerio Connect 8.4
server is exchange.
Thanks for your reply.


Hello Daniel, not completely sure what is the screenshot referring to, can you please send me a screenshot from eM Client? Or can you please explain what I’m seeing here?

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Well I just checked and its still doing the wrong time zone.

The meeting request came from and Govn’t Account to someone on the same server as me, then forward to me as a .ics file. I imported on my phone and this is what I got: My phone and my email are all set to the same time zone (PST -8). Thinking because it is now Daylight Saving Time (DPST -7) would this be the reason why its always picking up the wrong time zone?

Attached are two images showing 1 my phone screen shot and 2 emclient of the same meeting request

Hi, that screenshot is my outlook. That was a bit misunderstanding. I’m IT support for one company that will not pay for emails client. So I found eM client, it looks great, everything works, but those time zones :frowning:

Hello again Daniel, I’m afraid I don’t follow, how is the Outlook screenshot related to the problem? If you’re experiencing issues with calendar sync, please navigate to Tools > Settings > Advanced and enable Exchange Web Services logging for the problematic account, save the settings and replicate the issue in eM Client.

After the issue reoccurs, restart the application and go back to the advanced settings window and submit the logging data to my work mail, [email protected] with a reference link to this forum topic.

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2022 and i think this is still my problem:

  • time in opened .ics file is 1 hour later than meeting
  • time zone in opened .ics file says UCT but mine is Amsterdam
  • when i scroll to Amsterdam time nothing happens

But: it ends up as Calender item with the right time.
W10 time is correctly installed, eMclient version 9.0.1708 etc

I don’t understand what scrolling to my time zone is meant to do, and i don’t understand the time-shifting, nor what this pre-chosen timezone means which is not mine.
Can someone explain?

That is exactly as it should be.

The time in the event is correct, but in a different time zone. That is the way it was sent to you.

In your calendar it is displayed adjusted for your current time zone.

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Aha, paradoxically complicated yet very clear.
Thank you.
(The guideline for newcomers about how to behave on the forum also very welcome)