calender doesn't show time in every appointment how do I set this?

I succesfully synced my google calender in the EM client. It also got all my authorised appointments from other google accounts. GREAT!! now only in the EM Client not every appointment shows the exact time at the top of the appointment. It doesnt seem to matter on which account, if it is a repeated appointment, if the time is exactly at a whole hour.

It seems completely random. Is it? Can I adjust something so all my appointments show the exact time?

what version of eM Client are you currently using? Can you make a screenshot of the issue?

Thank you,

As you can see an appointment at 29th vr has no time. 

Hi again, Sterre this is unfortunately not an issue of the client but more of a feature request, we’re currently not displaying time of the event on events this short (less than 30minutes).
This is due to the small size of the event and the time could not be displayed along with the event’s name.

We can consider improving this feature for future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

Thank you for explaning, I didn’t know what caused this and now I do, although when I wrote this I had this problem with more appointments, but maybe that is because of some view setting that causes the same effect. Thank you for explaing, now I know where to look for or what to adjust if needed :slight_smile:

Hi, glad you understand, let us know if you come across any issues with displaying events or any other issues or questions you might have, we’ll be happy to help.

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