Calendars not displaying name set in Google

My “Imported calendars” have useful names in Google.

However, when added to emClient, they get totally different names like “Calendar” instead of what they were named in Google. Renaming then in emClient doesn’t work. They get renamed immediately by emClient back to their (useless) names like “Calendar”.

There are other differences like “Holidays in the United States” somehow becomes “Holidays” on emClient. Similarly, another calendar which is blurred out (for security) has a different name in emClient.

Ironically, they all pretty much seem to get the correct colors from Google, but not the names.

V7 takes the name from google of my own calendar, but not any other private calendar.
V8 lets me rename another private calendar (but not my own) - and then changes it back to the google account.
not quite right - needs some improvement.

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Looks like this may have been fixed in V9