Calendars not displayed when Account is selected

Even though I have calendars activated in the list when expanding the accounts in eM Client, no calendars are displayed when the Account node is selected in the tree view in Calendar tree. See picture.

But when I select one of the actual items in the tree view, then all marked calendars are shown. Looks to me like this is a bug.

Can you click on one of the calendar folder names. That should initiate the display on the right.

After that, do you see all those pretty little coloured boxes? This is how you choose which calendars to display on the right. If the box is ticked, it will be displayed, if it is not ticked, it won’t.

With the Calendar folder names, I assume you mean the “Visma mail” and “Private mail” nodes in the tree view. Clicking either of them will not trigger a display of anything. Only when I expand and click the “Calendar” item at the top, all calendars are displayed.
But when I then collapse the folder again, the display is cleared.
Besides, Calendar is already checked in both the visible Calendar folders, so that is not the problem.
So the basic problem is that with all the Calendar folders collapsed, nothing is displayed in the view.

The account name (Visma mail) is not a calendar. So if you click on it what can be shown?

Rather click on a calendar (like Calendar).

If you tick a calendar folder, it will be displayed regardless of whether it is collapsed or not.

No, it will not. That is actually what I started with this. If I collapse the account folders, NO calendars are shown REGARDLESS of the tick status.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Yes, if you only click on the account name, there is nothing to display. As in your screenshot.

Click on a folder, say from the second account, and any folders that are ticked in the collapsed first account will be displayed.

Yes you normally click / highlight on the word “calendar” ticked under the account “to show the calendar on the right” as in this Gmail calendar below. Same goes for any of your other account calendars.


If you “close the calendar” and “reopen the calendar” using the arrow on the left of your account, no calendar will be displayed on the right (until you click / highlight the word calendar again).


So if you always want to see your calendar when you re-open eM Client, make sure you “leave it clicked / highlighted” on the word calendar, (and don’t close the calendar via the dropdown left arrow).

Note:- Any other checked / ticked calendar menus like eg: Holidays etc, below each calendar will all show on the calendar at the top.

I would just expect that when you select the Calendar view, it would display all ticked calendars in all accounts regardless of the collapsed/expanded state of the Account nodes. It does not make sense to me that you explicitly have to activate an item in any account to get calendars displayed.