Am testing out eM client

Have set up two mail accounts:
default account using mail provided by our website host
an email account

I want to just use the local calendar.
The mail account keeps trying to synch with the outlook calendar I do not use.
How do I disable the calendar functionality associated with the outlook account?

If I go to Accounts, I see tabs: General / Mail, Calendar, Contacts / Diagnostics

I want to keep the mail part active but disable the calendar synchronisation.
Is this possible?

On the General tab, there is an Enable Account checkbox
On the Mail, Calendar, Diagnostics tab there is a check box at the bottom called ‘Enable Service’
If I clear the ‘Enable Service’ check box, this also clears the ‘Enable Account’ checkbox on the General tab.
Is this expected behaviour?

Hi, unfortunately this is currently not possible with / hotmail accounts, we’d like to change this in future releases however with this service it’s not allowed at the moment.
Enable account is cleared with the enable service unchecked because only one service is offered.

If you were using for example a gmail account, the services for mail and calendars would be in different tab and only one could be checked.

Sorry this is troubling you, I hope you can maange to use the current settings,

Thanks for the quick reply Paul.

Yes, I can live without using an Outlook account!  :slight_smile:

i see what you are saying, but it would be useful if there was an option to keep mail active but disable calendar at some point.

Hi again, I completely agree, but it’s not possible at the moment, we’ll keep that in mind for future releases if it’s possible.

Thank you,