I have four iCloud calendars that were already shared with Outlook. When I installed eM Client it did not bring those calendars over with the contacts, etc. How do I get them to show up in the eM Client calendar?

Go to Tools - Accounts - New account - Calendar - iCloud and create the calendar account. Let me know if it helps.

Actually, through enough button pushing and clicking I was finally able to find the “instructions” on how to add the iCloud calendars. It would be nice if, instead of having “Contents” as the link in the Help tab, if it actually said “Instructions”. It would have saved me over an hour clicking through links on the website and within the eM Client trying to find the instructions.

You should also have that same type of link clearly posted on your website so people can actually find the instructions for your software. Having to click through multiple pages and links and never having a clear connection to the instructions is a total waste of your customer’s time, and does not make us feel very comfortable with the software. And that should be available even on the “About” pages so before people download the product they can see what’s involved with the setup and management of the program.

Actually, we are preparing Knowledgebase as well as FAQ so hopefully it will be finished soon.