When I want to print my Calendar it gives no color.
Now I need to go to my google calendar to print and that prints with color. I just want the colors.

eM Client should print color. If it doesn’t, click on the print using system dialogue  link in the bottom left corner of the print dialogue. It may be that your printer is not set to color by default.

It’s set on color everything else is printing color. Exept Calendar.

Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > Calendars and change the source of event’s color to Calendar then category or Calendar only.

See if that changes anything.

Thank you it is not full color but lined well that’s better then noting.

I need to be able to print the calendar with Color filled in like I see it on the screen.
When I print it now I just get the outlines. Does anyone have an idea how to print the calendar in full color? I have like 5 calendars overlaid and need to know what color the appointment is.

Just a little follow up, When you print you can’t see as much of the description as you can when looking at the Calendar on the computer. Maybe that is a font issue or something