calendar won't populate

Just installed this a week or two and slowly trying to transition things to a new laptop.  Really liking eM so far except I can’t get the calendar to work. (CalDev).  

I have a GoDaddy registered domain and email account based on that domain.  When using my Outlook, I am able to pull those emails and the calendar feature with no issue.  It is uploading all my emails just fine but keep getting the error:  

"(CalDAV) An attempt to connect to failed.  This could be caused by temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings.  Do you want to check the settings?  "

Let me restate, I am still running Outlook on my other device side by side and not having any issues so I know its not a server availability issue.  I cringe at the idea of calling GoDaddy and asking them for help.  THey have increasingly become the “helpless desk” and always want to blame everyone else for whatever issues develop.  

Since my email from the is populating just fine, I have no idea what settings would need to be changed to get this calendar to work.  

Please help.  I think my trial will be over in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for your help!

In my experience settings used for CalDAV in one email client do not always work in another. I had been using GMX CalDAV on Thunderbird successfully for years, but the exact same server address did not work in eM Client. This is because of a slightly different implementation of that protocol. For example in Thunderbird is what works. In eM Client it is slightly different

So it looks like you are either going to have to bite the bullet and contact GoDaddy, or you may yet be saved by another GoDaddy user coming to the rescue on this forum.


Sorry for my delayed thanks to your response.  I didn’t have time to get back to this and get up the patience to call the helpless desk at GoDaddy.  I just spent the last hour with GoDaddy and they ar e saying that since I am sending and receiving email successfully with this account that there is an issue with the eM client software.  I sent them screen shots of the error log (see below) and the settings for all the tabs in the account settings including the CalDev tab.  

At this point, I cannot use this software until this is resolved which really is disappointing because I was really liking what I saw so far.  But, I rely on my calendar too much to not have this working.

If anyone at eM is monitoring these email threads and there is something else to be done- please do let me know!!

Here is a link that talks about synching CalDev w/mobile devices.  We tried this too and it also did not work.  :frowning: 

CalDAV settings for mobile devices are unlikely to work with a desktop client because the implementation is different. And eM Client is again different to other desktop clients.

If GoDaddy could provide a generic CalDAV url for desktop clients that may help. But even then, as I said above, what works for one desktop client may not work for another. Best would be for a fellow GoDaddy/eM Client user to assist you.

I can’t be of any further help.Sorry.

Thanks.  I just posted the info on the mobile devices in case it might spark any other ideas on this.  

Calling all GoDaddy users out there…

Thanks Gary.

Hello all,

The problem here lies in the fact that GoDaddy offers calendar feature only for a paid plan and it doesn’t disable this in its autodiscovery for other plans. eM Client then automatically detects and adds the calendar but when it tries to connect to the server, it gets denied. Then the error pops up.



I’m not sure what you mean by only offering this feature for a “Paid Plan”.  I can assure you I am paying GoDaddy plenty.  Can you be more specific?

Hi Kerri,

From our experience, customers who used GoDaddy hosting complained about this as the CalDav protocol is an extra paid service. Without this additional subscription, Calendar is not working in eM Client even though it is wrongly added during the autodiscovery as I mentioned above.


You still aren’t telling me what needs to be purchased.  Is this an additional service through eM software or GoDaddy? 

This is a GoDaddy service so you’ll need to check it with them.


Then, I am NOT buying your software.  What a joke.  When eM can fix your software to accept the Inbound and Outbound protocols that are already in place for email, let me know and I might come back.

Er, how does a ‘GoDaddy’ problem become am eM issue?  If I understand correctly, all eM has done is to setup a CalDAV link; the fact that you don’t appear to have purchased the facility from GoDaddy is hardly eM’s fault!  I guess the question is “what services have you actually purchased from GoDaddy?”  CalDAV is NOT an email protocol.

As I said, my set up with Outlook works PERFECTLY fine using the inbound and outbound ports without having to do anything special.  Until eM fixes their software to truly be a competitor of Outlook, it IS an eM defect.  Why would I pay extra to someone else because another product is deficient when I already have something that works?  Where is the ROI in that?  eM touts itself as being an alternative to Outlook but it is not capable of providing all of the basic features- calendar is pretty a pretty basic feature.  

The CalDAV protocol is different from the inbound and outbound mail ports, but it is fully supported in eM Client. I personally use calendars on two different CalDAV servers, and there is no problem.

I would suggest that you contact GoDaddy support and ask them what the situation is.

You have already seen in this thread where I have already wasted an hour of my life with GoDaddy support and I am not wasting anymore time on this issue.  This is an eM problem.  You must not have a registered domain anywhere.  I am a business owner and therefor I do!  If you were a business owner with an established presence, you would understand this but you are an employee so I can’t expect you to understand this.  As I said, this all works with OUTLOOK!  It does NOT work with eM.

Pretty simple.  eM does not work.  Outlook DOES!

Actually I do have my own domain address - and in Gary and me, you’re actually talking to 2 software engineers - neither of whom work for eM and would be willing to help you if you just calm down.  I’m telling you it’s unlikely to be an eM problem as I also talk to a number of CalDAV servers, although non of them are GoDaddy. 

I asked you a question - what services with GD have you subscribed to?
And what - EXACTLY - works in Outlook? - and which version of Outlook?  IMAP/SMTP?  Remember, as both Gary & I said, CalDAV is not, repeat, NOT an email protocol.  Are you sure that any calendar you’ve got setup in Outlook is actually online and not local?  Have you logged in via web interface and checked if any calendar entries are showing there?  If they are, have you remembered to make it public?

Oh - and assuming we’re talking about Office 365 that comes with GD, it’s an online service that GD have configured to work directly with their system.  If you want to use different software, you’ll need to do some configuration of your GD account (like sharing the calendar …) yourself.

I have to second Richard on this. eM Client works with CalDAV. Of that there is no question.

When I have a problem with a supplier where something is not what I expected it to be, I go directly to them for clarification. So my suggestion to you is that you firstly enquire from your supplier what the situation is. You may already have the CalDAV option with GoDaddy if that is what you were using in MS Outlook. If we can determine how it was working for you in MS Outlook, then there is still a chance somebody can solve it here.

If you still are not satisfied, go back to using what worked for you before. As a successful business owner I can assure you that I will not use something that does not work for my situation, no matter how pretty it is.