Calendar weird display of events after upgrade to V8

The calendar has this weird display of events after upgrading to V8. Events are set at 1hr as default and now they all display as something around 1.5hrs when you view them in Day or week view yet when you edit them they show as 1hr. This only happened on my laptop, on desktop it remained as it should be after the upgrade.

Here is a screen shot of the issue:

Here’s what it looks like on the desktop, the way it’s supposed to display:

Emclient Untitled picture

This has to do with the size of your monitor and what range of hours and granularity you have added. Try decreasing the granularity of your calendar settings on your laptop to 30 minutes and set the number of displayed hours to 8 or 4.

Thanks Hope777, I’ve already tried both because that’s what I also first thought but neither help.
Also the only thing that changed is the upgrade to V8, the laptop was the same as on the desktop before that.

what scaling settings are you using on the laptop? Try decreasing it to 100%.

My apologies Hope777, this is in fact the correct advice, I did fiddle with those 2 settings and it didn’t help but I decided to apply your advice to the letter now and it sorted it out. My problem was setting the displayed hours to 24, anything less than that it’s fine.

Your help is much appreciated!

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