Calendar Weather - City Lookup Failed

When attempting to Change Location under Menu → Settings → Calendar → Weather, I receive a “City Lookup Failed.” I click “Change” and insert the location under “Enter Location” and click “Look Up.” (In USA) I have tried zip code, city name, state name, city + state name, city + state abbreviation, state only, state abbreviation only, city only, etc. etc. etc.!

Would appreciate someone cluing me in to the secret to change the weather location successfully.


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The API that was provided by AccuWeather was recently removed by them, so it won’t work. We are just awaiting some solution in order to continue providing this service in the calendar.

Thanks so much for the update, must have missed this in the notes.

I have an issue with my Calendar. Despite having my city selected, I can’t see the weather forecast displayed in it. Also, when I try to set my city again, it says “City lookup failed”.
Can you please help me?

For Windows users, if you install the latest version in the Release History, it should be working again.

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Still not working here on 9.2.2157. When I try and add a location close to me and click on ‘Look Up’ nothing is returned. Even if I try something like London or Paris no results are found.

Can you please try again, and let me know if the issue is still there.


The Calendar weather “is now working again” for me using the latest release V9.2.2157 for Windows.

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It’s now working again, thanks.

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So its working again here too.

Interestingly v.9.291553 kept telling me there is no update. I had to download v.9.2.2157 manually and install it. After that the weather works again. But why did the update check not show the available update?


But why did the update check not show the available update?

The release versions you see on that update page have “interim updates” as well as official release versions so not all are automatically pushed to all users incase there are any issues that may arise.

Once everything is then fully tested and working ok, it’s then automatically pushed to all users via the program directly usually when you open it or after a short time of being open and online.

I didn’t go to any update page. I just downloaded the full version and installed it.

As for the testing, I haven’t had an update for months. Update check should offer all updates, not just the ‘big’ ones.

In this case it was the weather not working, not very dramatic but its there so it should work and the update fixed it.

What’s the point of an ‘update check’ in the menu when I still have to go to the home page to download the full version?

We don’t offer all versions immediately through Check for Update, even though they might appear in the Release History.

Hi - The Weather app does not work on Mac.

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Any expectation on when this will be available in the mac version?
Also, is there any workaround in which I can bypass the lookup and simply enter the location data directly?