Calendar view (month view): Scrolling


There is a bug (?) in emClient 6: When using your scrollwheel/touchpad for scrolling down in the calendar (month view), you are changing the selected day and not the view. This is very annoying, because when you want to go to the next week, you have to get to the last week displayed first it is possible to get to the next week.

Is there any possibility “to scroll the view” and not the selected day? That would help us a lot!

In week view everything works perfect…

Hi, both of your situations are actually eM Client’s design. It is not a bug.


Ok, thanks for your reply.
Can you consider changing this behaviour, so scrolling changes the view not the selected day?
Would make everything much easier!

yes, it should be conform scrolling through the grid with contacts, or the list with e-mails for example: if we scroll through those 2 lists, the selection stays the same (the same contact / e-mail stays selected).

If we scroll through the calendar when in week view, the selected time period stays the same.

However, if we scroll through the month view, suddenly the selected day is changed…this is not conform the working of eM Client in other areas.

Hi, in newest upcoming update we actually made some changes to this. Arrows in month view will always switch between full months and mouse wheel scroll should keep selected numbers of rows and scroll like that.

New update should be released this week.


Sorry, but I don’t understand that, it’s totally inconvenient.
When using mouse wheel scroll in E-Mail, it changes the view, not the selected item. Same in contacts and calendar week view, as Hans mentioned.
Only in calendar month view, the selected day is changing when using wheel scroll.
That doesn’t make any sense!

Hi, this is behaviour as designed, unfortunately we do not plan to change it in foreseeable future.