Calendar view frozen in linear task view

Did a search of tasks in my calendar. Came up with a list of all tasks, holidays, etc. for the entire year and beyond. Now it is frozen in that view. How do I get it back to month view? Have tried all available options , even tried reinstalling eM client. No luck.

The calendar does not have a task view.

If you are in the Task section, go back to the Calendar section.


If you are in the Calendar section, click on the Month icon.

Have tried clicking on month icon and every other option I can think of. this is the image I see.

What happens if you right-click on the menu bar (where it has Delete, Move to folder, Print) and select Customize.

The click the Set to Defaults button and OK.

No result. Stays exactly the same. Except added a few items to the menu bar.

It didn’t add the Month option to the menu bar?

Can you try using another Theme. Menu > Settings > Appearance > Themes.

OK, tried that, no result. Still same list of items. Mabey I’ll try uninstall em client and reinstalling. Think that could do it? Probably loose all data but?

No, you will not lose any data. During the uninstall you are asked if you want to delete the database folder. Choosing No means the data and settings will still be there after you have reinstalled.

But I thought you already did the uninstall/reinstall?

Thanks for the help. Realized that I missed a step on the reinstall which made it a waste of time. Got it right this time and clicked on month view and it came up as zI wanted.

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