Calendar troubleshooting

I am trying out eM client. When I click on calendar on the left bar the main central window does not show anything. There is a line saying “This folder contains no items and no operation can be performed”. If I click on any day on the calendar on the left bar nothing happens. I can add a new even in the calendar and save it. But I will not appear anywhere. How do I use the calendar?

Hi Marco, this means you have no calendar selected.
After you open the Calendar tab, there should be all your calendar accounts listed below in the left sidebar.

Please select one of your accounts and display it’s calendar folders by clicking on the little arrow next to it, or double click the account.
Your calendar folders should then be displayed, after you do so, select some the calendar or at least one and the calendar should be displayed.

Hope this helps,

Thank you Paul for your help.
I do not have any calendar account. But I would like create one with eM Client. So my question is if eM Client comes with any calendar or if I already need to have one to import in the eM Client.

If you don’t have a calendar account or a mail service with caldav support or a google account with google calendar you can go to Tools > Settings > General and enable local folders. That way you should be able to use the local calendar on your computer. But note that all your data in this calendar are only saved locally on your computer and are not synchronized with any server.

You might find usefult to signup for some free calendar servicer (for example gmail), and setup a calendar account in eM client to have all your data online as well and thus being able to setup the calendar account on any other device (such as phone, notebook or a desktop computer) and in a matter of seconds have all your calendar items synchronized with that device as well.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Paul. I found it. And I might follow your advice on the free calendar service.

Great, let us know if you come across any other issues or questions, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,