calendar timezone

How is one meant to use EM Client’s Calendar when travelling across multiple time-zones?

Presently (using say, Google cals) - it either can be set to to the original timezone, in which case the computer clock /date is incorrect for the location, OR, if the computer time is set to local time, then ALL the Calendar entries shift to the wrong time …

It *is* 2018 after all and this would seem to be a very basic requirement; Mac OS /Mail & iPhones etc all handle this quite easily and logically - the calendar entry times can be locked.

Or, is this a feature that must be paid for in the ‘proper’ EM Client version?

You can set a time zone in the event. 

Once the time zone is set for an event, it will always be correct. If you are in a different zone, the time will change accordingly as long as your Windows settings are correct as eM Client takes you location from Windows settings.

So if you have a meeting/reminder in London at 2pm, set the correct time zone in the event. Then when you are in Paris, and your computer is set correctly, it will indicate the meeting at 3pm, local time. 

If you want an event that is at 2pm local time wherever you are, don’t add a time zone.