Calendar time-ruler won't change to 24H format

Hello fellow members and admins,

the time-ruler or time-strip left of the eM calendar is still in AM/PM format although my calendar entries are well synched with the OS time format 24H. (running win10 in my case).

There are no option available in the calendar settings to tweak this matter and hange the time format.
Any suggestions?

Much appreciated

I am talking about the following attached image (see green box)

This is dependent on the Long Time format in the Windows OS.

Windows 11 it is Settings > Time & language > Language & region > Regional format > Change formats.

Change it to an option that does not include AM/PM, then restart eM Client.

Windows 10 it is Settings > Time & Language > Region > Change Data Formats.


Dear Gary
Thank you so much
This has solved the issue after changing the settings as per your recommendation and restarting eM Client.
Much appreciated

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