Calendar Time/Date issues: Meetng times are off by 5 hours in calendar. How do I fix it?

When I click a link to add an event to my calendar, EmClient Calendar opens but the time is off by 5 hours.  How do I fix this?

eM Client gets its date and time settings from your computer settings, so first make sure that is set correctly.

It may also be that adding an event from another source has the event in a different time zone such as UTC, but you are in UTC -5 (US Eastern Time). Don’t worry about that as the time will display correctly when viewing your calendar in Day/Week/Month view.

Gary, thanks for responding but I am in the Central Time zone, not eastern.  The clock on my computer is perfectly correct displaying the correct hour and date.  As I’m typing this, the time is 10:06 AM and the date is Thursday June 27, 2019.  The calendar seems to be off by 12 hours or more. 

I just tried to synch a link from another application and the appointment is set at 1:05 PM (afternoon), but eM Client recorded as 6:05 PM in the evening even after I changed the time zone from UTC to UTC-6 for Central Time US and Canada.  It did not correct the appointment time – I had to change it manually.  So is there a glitch in the Time Zones app?

Check the time zone of your computer. The time might be correct, but the time zone might not be.

Also, the time will not be changed in the detail view of the event. It is only in the day/week/month view where the time is displayed correctly for your current zone. In the detail it will be displayed as a time AND a zone. 

The time zone is not correct and I don’t know howto change it.  All appolintments times are off 5 hours.  My computer has the correct time in the correct time zone, so that is not the issue.  

When you view the calendar in Week or Month view, is the time of the event correct?

The problem is that the calendar does not sync with apps outside of the program.  This morning I clicked on the “Add to Calendar” link in MyChart, a health services program that my medical suppliers use.  For an appointment scheduled at 7:25 AM,  Em Client listed it at 12:25 PM – five hours later!

With all the complaints you receive about this portion of the program, I don’t understand why the issue has not been fixed by now!

I thought I had this fixed by changing my settings to default eM Client as my chosen handler for all mail, calendar, etc., but evidently, that action didn’t correct the problem.  My only choice is not to use the calendar in the app.  Too bad! :frowning: