Calendar synchronization problem

Hi guys,

my problem is that I decided to add google calendar to my different account in eM client and it was not succesfull. That is no a problem. My main problem is that eM client alwasy show me a error message, approximately every 15 minutes. How could I remove this problem? It show me in Activities - Errors (I got it in Slovak language).

Thank you so much. 

Remove the Google Calendar from eM Client.

When you restart eM Client, that problem should no longer be there.

Now setup your Google Calendar again by going to Menu > Tools > Accounts. Add a new account. Choose Calendar > Google Calendar.

See if that helps. Let us know If the problem still persists, there may be a corrupt entry in your Google Calendar.

Hi, how can I remove google calendar? I got free version.

Thank you

That depends on how you set it up.

If you used the Automatic Setup to add a GMail account, that will have setup email/contacts/calendar etc. You can see that in your account settings like this:

In that case, just unselect the Google Calendar from the list.

If you set it up as I described in my previous post, or as CalDAV, it should look something like this:

In that case, delete the whole account by clicking on the bin icon.

If you subscribed to it as an Internet Calendar (ics), then you can right-click and choose delete.

Thank you! It works good! I used second solution, in the end it was so easy. Thank you :slight_smile: